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  1. CGR273

    Black Pump Charm Gold

    Shoe lovers will love coordinating their heels with this sophisticated black and gold high heel charm. Learn More
  2. CGR271

    High Heel Charm Gold

    Shoe lovers will love coordinating their heels with this sophisticated black and gold high heel charm. Learn More
  3. CGR274

    Spotty Ankle Boot Charm Gold

    Satisfy your passion for boots and save some money on the real thing with this eye-catching red and gold enamel charm. Learn More
  4. CGR275

    Heart Cowboy Boot Charm Gold

    Put a spring in your step with our feisty cowboy boot charm. Learn More
  5. CGR283

    Corset Charm Gold

    Add a hint of Burlesque glamour to your jewellery with this white enamel and diamante corset charm. Learn More
  6. CGR289

    Diamond Ring Charm Gold

    A single solitaire is every girls dream. Add some serious bling to your charm collection without blowing your savings! Learn More
  7. CGR287

    Scooter Charm Gold

    Transport yourself on a Roman holiday whizzing round the streets with our white enamel and gold scooter charm. Learn More
  8. CGR284

    Musical Note Charm Gold

    Music lovers wanting to hit the right note in the fashion stakes will love our diamante embellished charm. Learn More
  9. CGR285

    Red Lipstick Charm Gold

    Vamp up your jewellery and bring out your inner femme fatale with this glamorous gold and bright red lipstick charm. Learn More
  10. CGR006

    Charm Keyring Gold

    With plenty of links for all your favourite charms and separate space for your keys, our gold coloured keyring is a must-have handbag accessory. Learn More
  11. CHK182

    Scottie Dog Charm

    What does your charm reveal about you? If you're independent and resilient like the scottie dog, then this little fellow is the one for you! Learn More
  12. Shuttlecock Charm

    Shuttlecock Charm

    This shuttlecock charm will be perfect for any sports lover! Learn More
  13. Circus Seal Charm

    Circus Seal Charm

    Who could resist our adorable seal charm? Learn More
  14. CHW391

    Owl Charm

    No charm collection is complete without this wise white owl. Learn More
  15. Pink High Heels Charm

    Pink High Heels Charm

    High heels for glamorous occasions are a must! So don't be without this gorgeous pink high heels charm. Learn More
  16. Anchor Charm

    Anchor Charm

    Whether you are a sea lover or a landlubber, our anchor charm is the perfect way to take a little bit of the seaside with you. Learn More
  17. Bunny Charm

    Bunny Charm

    Delight in this cute bunny charm! Learn More
  18. CHK092

    Lucky Black Cat Charm

    Bring yourself some extra good luck with this dainty black cat charm. Learn More
  19. CHK181

    Chihuahua Dog Charm

    Small, yet perfectly formed, our pink Chihuahua charm makes the ultimate handbag accessory. Learn More
  20. CHW381

    White Cat Charm

    Black cats might have all the luck, but we think our white cat charm is just puurfect! Learn More
  21. CHV361

    Mrs Charm

    Put some romance in your charm collection when you hang our adorable Mrs and Mr charms side by side. Learn More
  22. CHW374

    Spoon with Bow Charm

    Never mind being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, the place to put our pretty pink charm is on your wrist or bag! Learn More
  23. CHW376

    Bubble Bath Charm

    Our bubble bath charm is the next best thing to a long relaxing soak in the tub after a hard day's shopping. Learn More
  24. CHV360

    Mr Charm

    Put some romance in your charm collection when you hang our adorable Mr and Mrs charms side by side. Learn More
  25. CHV358

    Country Cottage Charm

    The perfect charm for girls' whose heart is in the country - it's sure to be the most original in your collection. Learn More
  26. CHR323

    Heart Bowling Pin Charm

    Score a fashion strike with our knock out pink enamel charm. Learn More
  27. CHR324

    Chair with Diamante Hanging Charm

    For something completely different with added sparkle, grab a chair charm. Learn More
  28. CHV353

    Spotty Baby Shoe Charm

    Hear the gentle patter of tiny feet when you wear this adorable pink spotty baby shoe charm. Learn More
  29. Enamel Charm Letters

    Enamel Charm Letters

    Starting at: £2.95

    Spell it out in style and go crA-Zy for these fun enamel alphabet charms! Learn More
  30. CHB004

    Small Adjustable Charm Bracelet with Heart Tag

    This smaller charm bracelet is perfect for little people as you can use the lobster clasp to adjust the bracelet to fit any wrist. Just add your favourite charms from our collection and you have your own unique piece of jewellery! Learn More
  31. CHB006

    Charm Keyring Clip

    Everyone who wants to look stylish and put their own stamp on their handbag has a bag charm. Make yours unique by attaching your favourite charms to our keyring clip. Versatile for use as bag clip or charm keyring with 3 chain hangings. Learn More
  32. CHB007

    Charm Necklace with Heart Tag

    This beautiful necklace is just waiting for you to add your favourite charms to create a unique and exciting piece of jewellery! With t-bar fastening and heart tag. Learn More
  33. CHB008

    Charm Bracelet with Heart Tag

    Your chosen charms will dangle prettily from our sophisticated charm bracelet with T-bar fitting and sweet heart shaped Bombay Duck tag. Learn More
  34. CHB005

    Charm Butterfly Gift Box Fuchsia with White Spots

    Flutterby Butterfly! Our spotty pink butterfly gift boxes are just the right size for making a perfect present of our best-selling charms and charm jewellery. Learn More

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